Cybersecurity, Creative Technology, Humanitarian Technology,

T9Hacks is a 24-hour women and non-binary hackathon held on February 10-11, held in the ATLAS Institute on the University of Colorado Boulder's campus.

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Must be a participant at the T9Hacks hackathon.


T9Hacks Sponsors, Mentors, and Team

T9Hacks Sponsors, Mentors, and Team

Judging Criteria

    This directly derives from one of our core values. We want hackers to contribute back to the field they’re in, so that their work can better benefit the community in the future.
    Hacks can easily have a variety of ranges of difficulty. We want to reward hackers who demonstrate a large amount of technical prowess in the projects created.
    Reinventing the wheel, no matter how awesome the wheel is, is quite banal. Exploration of ideas is a value that we want all hackers to pursue. We are looking for novel hacks engineered from the minds of our awesome hackers.
    We are looking for our hackers to solve problems creativity and uniquely. This also requires creative and critical thought in planning out the hack.
    We are looking for hacks that are well-built and could easily be continued to become a viable product. The hack should be more than just a pitch.
    We are looking for hacks that are not only functional, but are designed well.
    We want to see what you've learned. T9hacks is about learning and exploring technology, soshow us where you came into the competition and show us what you've learned in the last 24-hours.
    This is awarded automatically to those who have the top score in Project Ares.
    There are certain hacks that just cause you to say “WOW.” It is up to the discretion of the judges to identify this intangible quality of a hack that just amazes people.